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Acupuncture works! We all know that form our clinical practice. But how it works? Or when it will not work?

The meridian system is magical, this is clearer in these days when there are many people all over the world that prefer to get acupuncture treatment on a regular basis in order to get better in many physical and emotional problems.

In this seminar we will explore the topography of the Jing Luo (the meridian system) in order to understand how these channels flow in the body with all the secret connections between them. With this way it is possible to understand the body functions and pathologies through the anatomical and the mathematical aspect of the channels.

With this knowledge it will be easy for any practitioner to be able to treat all the energetic organ systems of the body with easy understanding of how acupuncture works immediately.

On the seminar we will go through the common problems and on the most effective way to treat them with acupuncture.


The program

  • Introduction to Meridian Topography

  • The 3 levels of qi in the jing luo (yuan, ying, wei)

  • The extra (qi jing ba mai) meridians

  • The classic (jing mai) meridians

  • The connective (luo) meridians

  • The divergent (bie) meridians

  • The tendo muscular (jin) meridians

  • The cutaneous meridians

  • The four seas of qi

  • The Chinese biorhythmically clock and the six elements

  • The clinical use of the meridian balance method