Tongue diagnosis is known as one of the main diagnosis pillars through the long history of Chinese medicine.  By looking at the tongue, we can detect pathogens from the past, present and future tendency of getting various diseases.


When we use tongue diagnosis we can identify physical and emotional imbalances like digestive problems, breathing problems, anxiety, depression, gynecological problems and more.  With the correct system of diagnosis we can identify the roots of the problem immediately.


Many times the information we get from the patient is confusing and irrelevant or even makes it hard to understand the roots of the problem and thus, makes it harder to determine a therapeutic strategy.

The tongue diagnosis system I have worked with during the last decade enables me to discover the emotional and the physical conditions of my patient in just few seconds.  With that, the decision to the treatment strategy with acupuncture and herbs is immediate.


Tongue diagnosis is becoming more popular recently thanks to technology  that is now available to all and by using a simple photo of the tongue with a mobile phone, anyone can send the picture from anywhere in the world and get detailed diagnosis on his or her emotional and physical situation. That's why this knowledge is even more important these days for every practitioner who wants to give an added value for himself and off course for his patients.


The Advantages of using tongue diagnosis:

  • It is fast, simple and unarguable for what we see.

  • By what we see there is Reliability in understanding the source of the problem.

  • The analysis is deep and we are able to track the changes of the tongue image.

  • It is possible to take a photo from long distance.

  • It allows an early diagnosis of disease and appropriate referral to western doctors.



Seminar Structure:

  • Introduction to Tongue Diagnosis

  • General principles for reflection on the tongue

  • The method of analyzing the tongue in few seconds

  • Discovering the tongue's Map

  • 11 categories of tongue diagnosis and their meanings

  1. Shape

  2. Color

  3. Climate

  4. Coating

  5. Swellings

  6. Depretions

  7. Cracks

  8. Movement

  9. Veins under the tongue

  10. Spots, Wounds and ulcers

  11. Teeth marks​

  • Five regions and their specific pathologie

  1. Heart area

  2. Lung area

  3. Spleen/ pancreas/ stomach area

  4. Kidney/ bladder/ reproductive/ intestine area

  5. Liver/ gall bladder area

  • Clinical applications for treatment according to the diagnosis

    • Acupuncture

    • Herbs

    • Nutrition

  • Practice and demos in the Classroom


For whom the seminar is good for?

The workshop is valuable for Students, experienced practitioners who want to deepen their diagnostic capabilities and for medical doctors, who want to expand their horizons with a diagnostic method they can use on daily basis.

The workshop is particularly suitable for those with difficulties to work with herbs or to build complex prescriptions.