In the advance course we will go deeper into the different levels of diagnosis and treatment.

We will go through the layers of treatment from the deep treatment of the extraordinary meridians to the main meridians and to the TMM meridians.

From the perspective of the facial treatment we will see how to work with treatment on the main muscles of the face with special techniques for firming and lifting the muscles. 

The first part of everyday will be theoretic, and the second part will be practical.


Seminar program:

  • A brief rehearsal on basic course

  • Basic massage techniques

  • Basic acupuncture techniques

Introduction to the constitutional facial acupuncture

  • The three levels of the treatment

    • Jing level - The eight extraordinary meridians with their hormonal effects

    • Ying level – the twelve main meridians and the post-natal qi

    • Wei level – TMM meridians and local facial points

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