Welcome to Zizen Academy , the page of Aaron Zizov, a renowned lecturer from who has been teaching Chinese medicine all over the world. With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Aaron offers a range of seminars and courses covering various topics in Chinese medicine, including cosmetic acupuncture, ba zi astrology, tongue diagnosis, shiatsu and much more.

Aaron has been teaching Chinese medicine for many years and has a vast amount of experience in the field. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and helping others learn the principles of Chinese medicine in a clear and concise manner. His seminars and courses are designed to be engaging and informative, with a focus on practical applications that can be used in everyday life.

If you're interested in learning more about Chinese medicine and want to take your knowledge to the next level, then you've come to the right place. Aaron's seminars and courses offer a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter and are suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

So why not explore the various courses and seminars that Aaron has to offer and start your journey towards a deeper understanding of Chinese medicine today? Whether you're interested in cosmetic acupuncture, ba zi astrology, tongue diagnosis, shiatsu or any other aspect of Chinese medicine, you're sure to find a course that's right for you.



Cosmetic acupuncture has existed in China for centuries and is considered as one of the secrets of the richest and powerful women in ancient China that got acupuncture treatments and special herbal formulas for aesthetic purposes.

These days cosmetic acupuncture is very popular, and this treatment is a great alternative for aesthetic procedures. Today there is a real demand from patients to get this treatment as a natural anti-aging treatment that has huge value in keeping balanced health, with focus on cosmetic issues, as part of whole treatment with Chinese medicine.

The theoretical and the practical knowledge of this course will allow you to apply it in your clinic the next day, and even start a new niche in your practice. 

Cosmetic acupuncture has many advantages such as:

  • Safer than cosmetic surgeries, Botox and injections
  • Significantly cheaper compared to other methods
  • The work is done throughout the body to create beauty from the inside out.
  • Based on a specific diagnosis and personalized to each patient.
  • Treatment is varied and includes unique techniques like acupuncture, herbs, diet, massage, exercise and more.


In this advanced seminar we will go deeper into another level of facial acupuncture. The course is focused on firming and lifting facial muscles. The unique technique that we will use is based on the insertion and origin of the facial muscles and muscle chains. 

In the two days seminar we will learn the exact locations of all the important muscles of the face. 

We will practice unique acupuncture techniques that strengthen loose muscle chains that will lift the saggy face.

Most of the seminar is practical and there is only a short part of theory on facial anatomy.  

The seminar is recommended for anyone who did any basic course of cosmetic acupuncture!

Course topics:

  • facial muscles anatomy
  • advanced acupuncture techniques
  • Locating and treating the main muscles of the face with special technics.


Analyzing person's constitutional energetic D.N.A code


Chinese philosophers gave great weight to the theory of five elements, which serves as a powerful tool for the diagnosis and understanding of the elements that create the cosmos and all that is included in it. 

The ancient Chinese understood that everything that exists in nature is controlled or influenced by the state of the energetic connection between heaven and earth.

Each element has a specific energy and together they represent all possibilities, directions, seasons, times, colors, feelings, tastes, smells, food, animals and figures.

The indication is to the five elements which are: wood, fire, earth, metal, water, and their energetic organ systems.

The time of birth is a time where we get our unique code of energy according to the situation that exists in the universe at the moment. Chinese astrology consists of 60-year cycles in which also correspond to cycles of 10 years, year, month, day and hour.

Actually, each one of us is made from a particular set of energy according to the different elements which identify different aspects of our life. It means that our perspective to life and to ourselves will be according to these elements also. In other words, we could say that our birth chart is like glasses we look through on ourselves and on the world, and on the way we see thing we will act, and according to that we will get our results. 

Understanding personal map can identify conflicts, difficulties and ability to understand the basic potential. At the same time, we can see the available energy of each element whether it exists or not. When it is missing, usually there is an activity of compensation to complete the lack energy. When there is too much energy of an element there might be a Burnout of this element and disease might appear.

Some of these Questions that we ask ourselves and our patients ask themselves, can be answered by the understanding of the four pillars map: Who am I? Which element is stronger? Which element is weaker? What is my potential? What I am good at? What is not for me to deal with? What I am looking for in a relationship? How I deal with money? How should I express myself?


"Treating the patient and not the disease" This quote is obviously one of the first goals in the practice of Chinese medicine. The universe has its own laws and we as humans are subjected to these laws. Therefore, to keep our patients in balance and harmony we first need to become familiar with the laws.
Ancient Chinese philosophers and doctors discovered different cycles of time that can be divided in many ways. Segments of minutes, hours, days, months, years, 10 years, 12 years, 60 years and so on. So, every moment is a combination of different parallel cycles, same as the specific time we are born. During this moment we are under the influence of big and small movements that effects our potential energy on our perspective to ourselves, to our surroundings, on our emotional and physical health, and on tendency of how weak or strong we can be on different times and circumstances through our life.

Understanding the patients' constitutional energy helps us to know more about the origins of the symptoms, pathologies and diseases, and treating them more effectively with preventing the disharmonies. Understanding the personal map can help to identify conflicts, difficulties and ability to understand the basic potential. At the same time, we can see the available energy of each element whether it exists or not. This leads to unique constitutional and personalized treatments according to the different cycles and rhythms. the specific treatments with acupuncture are more exact with the meridian system and the specific points that will be chosen by their best effect.


In this annual course we will go back to the sources of the classical Chinese medicine. To the "Nei Jing Su Wen" & "Ling Shu" and "Nan Jing" and we will dive deeper into the foundations of Heavenly Stems & Earthly Branches (Tian Gan Di Zhi).  Another focus in this course will be on the four Pillars of Destiny (Si Zhu) which is also known as Ba Zi (The Eight Characters) to understand the deeper levels of the Personality and Chinese Metaphysics. The main theories in these methods are based on Yin-yang, Qi, five phases and six divisions, and on the they interact with each other in the different time cycles and between heaven, earth and humans. 

The course is divided to 2 online sessions and 4 frontal weekends and will include all the needed theory and practice that participants will be able to use in the clinic to get the best results from acupuncture.


Tongue diagnosis is known as one of the main diagnosis pillars through the long history of Chinese medicine.  By looking at the tongue, we can detect pathogens from the past, present and future tendency of getting various diseases.

When we use tongue diagnosis, we can identify physical and emotional imbalances like digestive problems, breathing problems, anxiety, depression, gynecological problems and more.  With the correct system of diagnosis, we can identify the roots of the problem immediately.

Many times, the information we get from the patient is confusing and irrelevant or even makes it hard to understand the roots of the problem and thus, makes it harder to determine a therapeutic strategy.

The tongue diagnosis system I have worked with during the last 15 years enables me to discover the emotional and the physical conditions of my patient in just few seconds.  With that, the decision to the treatment strategy with acupuncture and herbs is immediate.

Tongue diagnosis is becoming more popular recently thanks to technology that is now available to all and by using a simple photo of the tongue with a mobile phone, anyone can send the picture from anywhere in the world and get detailed diagnosis on his or her emotional and physical situation. That's why this knowledge is even more important these days for every practitioner who wants to give an added value for himself and off course for his patients.

The Advantages of using tongue diagnosis:

  1. It is fast, simple and unarguable for what we see.
  2. By what we see there is Reliability in understanding the source of the problem.
  3. The analysis is deep, and we can track the changes of the tongue image.
  4. It is possible to take a photo from long distance.
  5. It allows an early diagnosis of disease and appropriate referral to western doctors.


"Shiatsu" in Japanese means; pressure with finger. The method was developed in Japan on the 20th century and was based on the principles of Chinese medicine. The shiatsu treatment is made by palpating different areas in the body and on the meridians and their association areas. This pressure stimulates the patient's natural energy and bringing it back to balance. 

The course is divided to three levels and each level is based on its previous. It is not possible to take it partly. The course is based on theory but most of it is practical.


Simply, enhance, and succeed! Make your acupuncture practice easy, efficient, and successful by understanding a few mathematical rules

Acupuncture can be simple if we stop thinking of individual points and start seeing the channels as a network. To create order in the chaos, all we need is to keep an open mind and it will be clear how all the different acupuncture methods are based on the same logical and mathematical rules.

For every problem or disease that we see in the clinic, we can look at the western pathophysiology and then translate it to the Chinese pathophysiology. With that, we see which systems are involved and how to balance them with acupuncture.

This seminar will takes you deep into the channels and through the different levels to discover their connections to all the organs and the tissues.

Participants will learn the pathways of the channels and their connections, the 3 levels (Yuan, Ying, Wei), the five phases and their opening points, and the Chinese biorhythmic clock.

practitioners will:

  • Learn how to navigate in the body's roadmap to get to the fast and the best results with acupuncture
  • Learn the pathways of the channels and their connections
  • Discover how the channels are connected and interact with each other


Abdominal Acupuncture, popularly known as the "Turtle Method," is a comprehensive somatotopic approach established in China after 20 years of research by Professor Bo Zhiyun. The approach is innovative and considered to be a new method in TCM. It is painless and effective in practice, with immediate results, is simple to learn, and may be utilized for a range of prenatal and postnatal conditions.

Participants will learn the Turtle map and the reflex zones on the abdomen, locations and functions of abdominal acupoints, and the locations and therapeutic effects of the eight abdominal regions with the Ba Gua.

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Learn the Turtle map and the reflex areas on the abdomen
  • Learn locations and functions of abdominal acupoints
  • Learn locations and therapeutic effects of the eight abdominal regions with the Ba Gua


Herbalism is a respected ancient art that has thrived in all cultures of the world throughout history. Chinese herbology is an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine in China, with documented sources dating back more than 2,500 years. Although herbal medicine is utilized as a main treatment in China, it is not widely used in the West, where majority of TCM practitioners are only using acupuncture in their practice. By disengaging from herbology, treatments become less effective and lose the benefits of herbal medicine.

In this presentation, Aaron Zizov, a seasoned TCM practitioner with over 17 years of clinical experience, shares his method of implementing herbs in his practice by using major TCM theories such as Yin and Yang, Five Elements, internal organ systems, and the substances. Aaron is making it easy for any practitioner, regardless of level of herbal wisdom, to prescribe herbs efficiently and effectively for their patients.


  • Introduction to THE MATERIA MEDICA
  • Main holistic approaches in TCM
  • GROUPS OF HERBS BY categories
  • Clinical conditions of the five ELEMENTS
  • Formulas that regulate THE FIVE ELEMENTS
  • Formulas that regulate OTHER CONDITIONS
  • Combined and complicated conditions
  • Case studies

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Learn how you to easily implement herbal medicine in your practice
  • Learn the effectiveness of treatment results when adding herbs to treatment plans
  • Learn the top 20 herbs Aaron uses in his practice


Su Jok Therapy, developed by South Korean Professor Jae Woo Park, is a system in which the hands and feet correspond to the entire body. It is a hand and foot stimulation therapy that has similar benefits to acupuncture. Su means "Hand," and Jok means "Feet." It is one of the most powerful methods of self-care available today. This therapy is easy to use, safe, effective, and it works right away.

Participants will learn about Su Jok therapy and how it works, as well as the correspondence system in the hands and feet, meridians and organ reflections on the hands and feet, and remote treatment protocols.

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Learn about Su Jok therapy and how it works
  • Learn the reflections of meridians and organ in the hands and feet
  • Provide remote treatment sessions using Su Jok therapy


Infertility is expected to increase in the upcoming years and is commonly seen throughout the world today. 

The causes may be related to either or both partners due to mechanical problems such as problems with ovulation and/or sperm and idiopathic causes. Infertility involves emotional and social aspects in a relationship, and any couple that goes through this process will experience a wide variety of emotions. 

TCM and the integration of conventional medicine is an alternative to increase your patient's chances of conception. 

In this presentation, Aaron Zizov, shares his discoveries from the last 17+ years of the best protocols for infertility issues with more than 90% successful rate in infertility.


  • Introduction to Chinese gynecology
  • Female and male anatomy and physiology
  • Etiologies and diagnosis of Gynecological disorders
  • Main infertility syndromes
  • Procedures of IVF (before, during and after)
  • Western fertility drugs and procedures
  • Building the treatment with acupuncture and herbs
  • Fertility and Five Elements Personality types based on Ba Zi charting
  • Case studies

Upon completion of this course, practitioners will:

  • Learn female and male sexual organs anatomy and physiology
  • Learn how to immediately use acupuncture and herbal formulas
  • Diagnosis and treat common infertility syndromes


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